What does a translation cost?

Not all text is alike. Some texts are simple and some require a specialised translator who is familiar with the vocabulary and jargon of your texts. Our rates are determined by the following factors:


  • The number of words of the source text.
  • The language combination.
  • The degree of difficulty: general or specialised text.
  • The type of text: Word and Excel documents are simpler to translate because the formatting is completely retained in our translation software. Documents that contain images, such as PDF documents and scans, require more effort than regular texts.


So, the question of ‘What does a translation cost?’ can be compared with questions like ‘How much is a house?’ or ‘How much is a car?’ It depends on many different factors and especially on your requirements. You can request a free quote using our contact page or the quote page.


Payment is possible using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and with national or international transfers using internet banking. You always receive an official invoice that shows VAT.


Personal contact in four languages.

Because our in-house staff speaks fluent English, Dutch, German and Swedish, you can contact us in various languages. This can be via Email, Skype or by phone. We know how important it is to receive quick answers to any questions. That’s why we respond within an average of one hour to all your questions and comments.

Questions or comments?

Do you have questions or comments about our services or our company for which you cannot find an answer on this website, or do you want to request a quote? Please feel free to contact us. Send us an email with your request and the document that you want to have translated for a free and competitively priced quote. You can also call us.