Translation Services


TextHolm’s translation services can be divided into three different categories. The three services we provide are text translations, proofreading and project management.



The main service we provide is text translations. We specialise in Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Your text will be translated to the desired language by native speakers in order to ensure that your original message and the purpose of the text are completely retained. We use the latest and most popular translation software in order to deliver high quality work. Our translators have years of experience in translating texts for many different sectors. This is how you can be sure that your translation is of the highest quality.


If you have a successful business, you naturally also want to make a good impression abroad. Do you have a text and are you unsure if it is completely flawless, or if it sounds natural and whether the content suits the reader? Proofreading is one of the translation services provided by TextHolm. We help you with proofreading and correcting your written texts. These could be previously translated documents that you are not completely satisfied with or could also be texts you’ve written yourself. So you can be sure that you appeal to your customers in a professional way in their own language. A very small investment makes an enormous difference. Of course, you see this reflected in your company’s results.

Project management

Most businesses like having one contact person for all their translation services. There are often multiple types of documents that not only need translators from different counties, but also translators with different areas of specialisation who can write your texts in the correct way. We find the right translators for you. Project management is a major part of TextHolm Translation Services. You send your documents to us one by one or all at once, and we ensure that the text is translated by the right translators who are specialised in your professional field. This ensures that your translation is of the highest quality.

Delivery time

Businesses often have a good idea and big plans, and all that remains is for the text to be translated into another language. We answer all your questions within an average of one hour. This is appreciated by many of our customers because many businesses don’t want to wait long for their translation. In the world of translation, we almost always have to deal with short, tight deadlines. Because we have a flexible team, we can always ensure that your translation is delivered quickly.

Quality guarantee

We provide you with a unique quality guarantee. If the text is not translated to your complete satisfaction, we’ll adjust it until the desired final result is achieved. The quality guarantee is valid until eight days after delivery.

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