Translation jobs and vacancies for translators, proofreaders and project managers


TextHolm continues to grow. We receive increasingly more requests for increasingly different languages. Would you like to join our team? TextHolm is always looking for disciplined, well-trained freelance translators and proofreaders. At this time, TextHolm only has vacancies and translation jobs for translators within the following languages: Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


If you would like to work with us and you meet the following requirements, you can reply to our vacancies by sending an email with your CV to our contact address.


  • You have more than five years experience in the field of translation or proofreading.
  • You have completed a translation degree or linguistic university education at college or university level.
  • You are a native speaker of one of the following languages and can perform translation jobs from one or more other languages: Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish or Swedish.
  • You can provide two references from previous employers or clients with whom you’ve worked.


We do not have any vacancies for in-house translators or in-house project managers at this time.

What we expect

Professionalism is our priority. Our core values are flexibility, accuracy and quick communication. We expect the same from you. We think it’s very important that you can organise your time as a translator and ensure that the documents are delivered as quickly as possible. We also greatly value rapid communication, so we can get a quick answer to any questions. Our translators must meet high standards of quality. Every translator must also provide at least two references.

What we offer

TextHolm offers flexible working conditions for translation jobs, where you can organise your own working hours. Our project managers are available at all times for questions, and you will receive a quick reply from us so you can continue translating on time. We also always pay our translators on time.