The Spanish language

Spanish is a Romance language that is spoken by more than 350 million people worldwide. After Chinese, Spanish has the most native speakers in the world. It is hereby the second world language. Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, but also in many countries in Central and South America. Because of this, Spanish has many language variants. Spanish plays a very important role in both Europe and America when it comes to culture, economics and politics. This language has much in common with Portuguese and other Romance languages like French, Italian and Romanian.


Spain is located in the south west of Europe and has over 45 million inhabitants. The country has many different cultures. Spain has been part of the European Union since 1986, and the euro has been the national currency since 2002. Spain has long been an important economy in Europe. It is also a popular holiday destination for many Europeans. Spain imports machinery and vehicles from the rest of Europe. This regards in particular imports from the Netherlands, Germany, France and England. Spain exports a lot of vegetables and fruit to the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. As a result, countries within the European Union are quite important for Spain.

Spanish translation

In general, English is not spoken as well in Spain as in the northern European countries. This is why the correct Spanish translation of your texts is very important if you wish to enter the Spanish market. We provide the translation of your texts for your services and products. A clearly formulated Spanish translation of your website, advertising texts or corporate communication provides increased sales. A good text generates interest with millions of new customers in Spain and in Central and South America. We are happy to help you with presenting your services and products with first class translations in the native language of the country.

Our Spanish translators

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Quality guarantee

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