The Russian language

Russian is the language of the world’s largest country. Like Polish and Czech, it is a Slavic language and is spoken by more than 170 million people. Russian is spoken not only in Russia, but also in the surrounding countries. As a result, Russian is also the native language of people within the European Union, such as in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Despite its huge size and the many different ethnic groups in the country, Russian has few dialects or language variations, in contrast to most Germanic and Romance languages in Europe.


Russia is the largest country in the world. Although the majority of it is located in Asia, most people live in the European area, which is also where the capital city of Moscow is located. A little more than 140 million people live in Russia. The population density is quite low because the country is so large. Russia is a major trading partner for many European countries. A lot is imported from Russia, especially in the area of energy. Russia imports food, machinery, livestock and agricultural products from the European Union.

Russian translation

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