Menu translation

You have a good restaurant with various specialities. There is a good chance that tourists would also want to try these. Just like other restaurants, you naturally want to serve your dishes to tourists from around the globe, but your guests cannot read the menu. Reach millions of new guests from Europe and other parts of the world with a menu translation! An English menu translation provides many more readers and, because Germans like to visit the UK, a German translation is also a good choice.

That’s why you choose TextHolm

Translating a menu is more than converting the words of the dishes you serve. A menu translation for a restaurant is not the same as a translation of a marketing text because the texts are written in a different way, and are therefore also translated in a different way. We have various specialists for this. In choosing TextHolm, you opt for a top quality menu translation. We provide translations for individuals and businesses from across the world. Our translators have years of experience in translating menu texts for many different types of restaurants. So you can be sure that your menu translation is of the highest quality. Request a quote now and have your menu translated.

Delivery time

Just like other businesses, you often have a good idea and big plans but you just have to get the menu translated into another language. We answer all your questions within an average of one hour. This is appreciated by our customers because many businesses don’t want to wait long for their translation. In the world of translation, we almost always have to deal with short, tight deadlines. Because we have a flexible team, we can always ensure that your translation is delivered quickly.

More than just a menu translation

Preparing text in Word or Excel is important, but it’s of secondary importance to the average businessperson that costs a lot of time and distracts from what he or she prefers doing the most: business. Don’t worry. We ensure that we not only translate your texts to the desired languages, but that the layout also remains precisely the same as the original. You send us your original text, and we provide the translation and format the menu with the correct layout. This allows you to welcome your new guests in a professional way. Simple, right?