The Finnish language

Finnish is a separate language in northern Europe that in no way resembles the Germanic or Romance languages of Europe. Only Estonian and Hungarian have some similarities in origin, but people from Estonia, Hungary and Finland cannot mutually understand one another. Finnish is spoken by six million people, of which the most live in Finland. Because Finnish does not resemble other languages, it’s quite a difficult language for others to learn. There are also many different dialects in Finland.


Finland is located in northeast Europe. It borders Norway and Sweden to the north, and the entire eastern side borders Russia. Finland was part of Sweden for years but has been independent since 1917. Finnish culture is different from that of the majority of European countries, especially since Finland focuses less on Europe than the rest. Rules play an important role in Finland, and people adhere strictly to the rules. Finland is a member of the European Union and is a very prosperous country.

Finnish translation

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