The Dutch language

Dutch is a West-Germanic language within the Germanic language family. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. Dutch is the largest Germanic language after English and German. There are more than 22 million native speakers and another 5 million people that speak Dutch as a second language. Although it seems quite similar to other languages from the same language family, there are important subtle differences between, for example, German and Dutch.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in western Europe. It borders Belgium to the south, where Dutch is also the native language of the inhabitants. The Netherlands borders Germany to the east. Its official name is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital city, and the seat of government is in The Hague. Other major cities include Rotterdam and Utrecht. The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in the world. Germany is a very important trading partner for the Netherlands and, with the advent of the computer, English plays an important role in the Netherlands.


Dutch translation

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