The Danish language

Danish is a Scandinavian language and belongs to the North-Germanic languages, just like Swedish and Norwegian. This language is spoken by about 5.5 million people. Danish is not only spoken in Denmark. It also has official status in the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Danish is even an officially recognised language in the north of Germany. Historically, Danish was greatly influenced by German, whereby the pronunciation differs from Swedish and Norwegian. Danish pronunciation is very difficult for others to learn. Denmark also has many different dialects but everyone is fluent in and speaks the standard national Danish variant.


Denmark is the most southerly and smallest of the Scandinavian countries. Mainland Denmark borders Germany, and Sweden can be reached by a long bridge near the capital city of Copenhagen. Denmark has been a member of the European Union since 1973. Agriculture used to play a major role in Denmark, but the industrial sector has now greatly expanded. Most trade takes place within the European Union and the United States. Purchasing power in Denmark is very high and is among the best in the world.

Danish translation

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